Nubia DuVall Wilson, writer, travel expert

The Highline, NYC

Thank you for visiting my blog! In 2006, I launched Encounters with Strangers, a blog that documented all of the wild and crazy characters I met while taking the subway and living in New York City. Over the years, I changed jobs, got married, moved to the ‘burbs, self-published my first book, Encounters with Strangers, and had two beautiful babies (a girl and a boy).

My encounters with strangers are still happening, but they are a little more tame these days. Lately, life is all about balancing being a mother of two kids 15 months apart while I work in PR and marketing, travel, and write about travel! Every day there’s a new lesson to be learned and a new reason to love being a mother, wife, and writer. I’ll be sharing some of those moments on here now.

After living in Madrid, Paris, and Taiwan, my passion for globetrotting influences every part of my life, and I wish to share that passion with all of you through my travel experiences and through tips.

Check out my live interview as a guest travel expert on the global TV show Arise 360 Entertainment here: bit.ly/1kZdffq

I currently write travel articles for LuxuriousPROTOTYPE.com, a men’s lifestyle magazine that is part of the Details Network. My latest articles can be read here: Nubia’s LP.com articles

To learn more about my published works and professional career, go to: nubiaduvall.com

Let’s Connect!

Twitter: @NubiaWilson

Instagram: @NubiaWilson

Facebook: Nubia301

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