School Daze: Back to School Madness in 3 Easy Steps



My family survived our first week official of back to school madness but not without hiccups. I have to say, my biggest fear was just forgetting shit, like, forgetting to pack Ella’s lunch or forgetting to sign important papers…oh, hold on…*walks away from computer* I literally just remembered something I had to do for Ella’s class while typing this! Okay *whew,* moving along…So yeah, there’s so much to keep track of with one in kindergarten and one in 3s preschool, but I know it will all be okay because people who have more than two kids are doing it—just my sanity will have to be sacrificed, not that I have much of it anyway. Throughout this week I have learned a thing or three and I’d like to share them with you, so that you can all have a laugh and remember that it is okay to make mistakes; our children are so resilient!

  1. When Rompers Go Wrong: On day two my daughter finally wanted to where a really cute dress I bought her earlier in the summer, so I was thrilled because I was about to sell it on Facebook. Only problem was, it is a romper and she didn’t know how to pee in it! It totally slipped my mind to show her. At school she was scared to ask a teacher for help, so what did she do? Pee in the woods by the school when my nanny picked her up! (We don’t have a school bus). I felt AWFUL, but luckily Ella didn’t seem too phased by it.


  1. Lunch Box Skills: One irritated toddler who isn’t happy about school starting makes for a great (terrible) environment while trying to make your child’s lunch. While Luke was screaming about which shoes he did and didn’t want to wear, I inadvertently twisted the top on Ella’s thermos with pasta in it too tightly out of frustration. At lunch time, she couldn’t open it, and, because she is still getting used to opening her mouth and talking to people at school, she didn’t ask for help. She ate the other items in her lunch, but when Yvarane picked her up she told her she was very hungry. She ate it immediately after school. I felt AWFUL, AGAIN.


  1. Sneakers Smack Down: After royally f*ing up my daughter’s favorite lunch mentioned above, Luke’s tantrum continued. He wanted to wear his new Paw Patrol sneakers, but they are hard to put on for some reason (despite having gone to the store to try them on in person where they seemed to be fine, so score another point for mommy), plus he doesn’t want socks on, so we put his sandals on instead. When we got into the car, he was so upset that his sandals were on and not his sneakers that he kicked them off. He refused to put them back on, so I had to carry him barefoot while walking Ella to school, all while he screamed “I WANT MY SNEAKERS!” which made me look like a mother who refused to put shoes on her child—greeeaatt!

I was reviewing all of this with my therapist (yes, every good parent should have one) and we were laughing hysterically. It was the first time that I had allowed myself to laugh about it. Obviously, there are some key learnings here, like, we’ve got to keep encouraging Ella to feel comfortable about speaking up to her teacher and adults at the school, especially if she has an issue or emergency. Also, I have a pretty cool nanny who takes things in stride and makes sure I am updated on everything that happens to my kids, which is so important to me in order to feel like my children are “safe” when I am not around. I know things won’t always go smoothly, and that is often a hard pill for me to swallow. It is important for me to remember that these are going to be some of the best years with my children and to cherish them.

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