Novella is the New Novel – You Got This!


Going back in time to the 1920s

I can’t believe it has taken me more than two months to promote on my blog that I published a novella, and, of course, I can’t find the first draft of the post that I started a few weeks ago, so here I am starting ALL OVER AGAIN. #MomProblems! Anyway, I am thrilled to officially share that I published my second book, The Survivors Club, which is a supernatural thriller that is an extended short story (meaning it isn’t long, just 49 pages, ya’ll, you’ve got this)! The novella is about five strangers trapped in a 1920s room with no way to get out. One by one, each is mysteriously ​pulled back in time by an invisible force to keep an unknown boy named Quentin alive. Without a sense of time and no way out, the group becomes entangled in a life or death situation. Tension increases while they piece together a puzzle that reveals more than just a complicated boyhood. 20% of the each book gives back to two children’s charities, which you can learn more about by going to


Novellas are the new Novel!

How the hell did I have time to write this you might ask? Well…didn’t I mention in a previous post that I am crazy? Ha! But seriously, these past two years have been a struggle as I dealt with (and still dealing with) something pretty serious, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). One of the things I have learned from the ups and downs of dealing with the sudden onset of mental illness is that you can’t navigate the healing process on your own. It takes professional help, as well as opening up to your friends and peers to create a community that will support you. I have taken it a step further by writing The Survivors Club as a vehicle for the community to give back to nonprofits that are very important to the safety of children in America. In addition, I have created a secret Facebook group for adults (men and women) who are in the shadows (or vocal) about dealing with the challenges of trauma and mental illness, such as PTSD or bipolar, and who want to connect with others to create a virtual support system. Learn how to be invited to the group here.

Have I piqued your interest? If so, you can purchase the paperback or kindle version through Amazon or if you want a signed copy from me, purchase through my very own bookstore for $8.00 at General Store by Work and Play.

Also, If you are on, please connect with me! My book is here and my profile is here.

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