Sleep Deprivation Survival Tip No. 1: #SCS


My sunlit bathroom ceiling


The image above is a view I rarely see: the ceiling of one of my bathrooms. You are probably wondering why I took this picture. I happened to have my phone next to me while taking a salt bath mixed with essential (thanks Nancy Caroline of Salt Bath Soak!) and I realized it had been a year (or more) since I had taken a relaxing bath. Shame on me really, but to my defense normally it is a big deal to have even brushed my teeth, taken a shower and gotten dressed without my clothes being inside out or backwards each day.

Ironically, I took this bath while my husband was on a business trip, which meant I was solo with a 3-year-old and 4-year-old 😳. I was worried they were going to hear me drawing the bath water and try to join me, but they were too busy playing downstairs to notice.

So what made this Sunday morning different from others? I was f-ing exhausted! Luke hasn’t been sleeping well and constantly wakes us up at night, I have been sick for two weeks and I was bracing myself for three days without my partner to help with the kids. I learned a valuable lesson today: I need to put my determination normally used for trying to be a “great mom” and succeeding in my profession towards self-care. We forget how important it is to slow down and listen to what our body needs because we think we “don’t have a choice” or are “too busy” since we are now devoted caregivers (or you just forgot and no one reminds you). But you can’t be a good parent if you are always on the edge of a nervous breakdown! This is my friendly reminder to pick one thing you haven’t done for yourself for at least a year and do it this week–choose to do it on #SelfCareSunday. You are worth it!

2 responses to “Sleep Deprivation Survival Tip No. 1: #SCS

  1. You need vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants to prevent and fight stress. Always smile, it is healthy for us. It’s so amazing for a working mom to have time with her kids while working. You’re so blessed.

    • Thanks for reading, Michael! Oh yes I do all of that and agree. Well, I don’t work while spending time with my kids–that is impossible! I have daycare or I wouldn’t be able to work at all, but it is great to have a flex schedule 🙂

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