What Every Female Biz Traveler Needs

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I just got the inside scoop on a new members-only international concierge service for solo female business travelers and I think it is divine. The ALIX experience has launched in London and will be available in Paris, New York and San Francisco by the end of 2016, with plans to launch in more than 30 cities over the next five years. This new platform, which was designed by women, offers tailored experiences to make your trip exceptional, from reservations at trendy restaurants to exclusive cultural experiences. Check out the member benefits:

Dedicated Concierge Service
No request is too extravagant for ALIX’s concierge team, which provides recommendations and arrangements for female travelers, such as obtaining the just-in Burberry bag from Harrods or arranging a spa day at the Bulgari Hotel.

Special Experiences
ALIX has curated exclusive experiences from London’s wealth of cultural happenings. From wine tastings and cooking classes to talks by leading international figures, the experts at ALIX are constantly in search of new, meaningful moments. Non-members can also access ALIX à la carte for a taste of membership offerings, including featured restaurants and selections from the events calendar.

ALIX for One 
ALIX has hand selected the best restaurants, lounges and bars for the solo diner, such as Pollen Street Social’s market-driven seasonal menu and the exquisite high tea at Kensington Palace’s Orangery.

The ALIX Table
Solo travelers can connect with other members at the ALIX Table, an organized dinner series. From Michelin-starred gastronomy to authentic Indian curry, these dinners aim to provide members with memorable dining experiences at London’s most exquisite restaurants while creating opportunities for women to engage and connect.

ALIX Partners
ALIX has developed an exclusive set of partners in London to help members feel at home while traveling. Major partners include: Grace Belgravia, London’s leading health and lifestyle club for women; Garde Robe, the world’s only luxury wardrobe storage and “Cyber Closet” valet service; and La Compagnie, a boutique business-class airline servicing New York, Paris and London.

ALIX Neighborhood Guides
ALIX produces Neighborhood Guides that highlighting the best cultural landmarks, restaurants and shopping in the city.


For more information about The ALIX Experience, visit: www.thealixexperience.com.

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