Toddlers in Tow: The Family Travel Packing List

Curacao Island, Dutch Island in Caribbean

Floating Bridge in Curacao, a Dutch Island. Credit: Curacao Tourist Board

If you’ve ever traveled with babies or toddlers, you know that planning a family getaway is a part-time job. Although it can be overwhelming looking for the best destination and perfect accommodations, the ability to plan a vacation with your family is a blessing that I don’t take lightly. With that said, my need for perfection (which drives my husband crazy) comes from a desire for everyone to have an amazing time. So yes, I have been planning our upcoming trip to Curaçao since June!

From reaching out to local artists on the island who I will interview and feature in future articles to investigating where to stay, eat, play, my evenings have been filled with thoughts of Curaçao. In a few days I will start packing from a list that I would like to share with you. Download my Family Travel Packing List here. It’s like my previously shared travel packing list, only this one is geared toward toddlers and infants. I’ve left places for you to also add your own items in each category. For those of you who travel with kids, I hope it helps you get organized as it has helped me!

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