Let’s Get Packing – Free Travel List

Hotel Vermont exterior encounters with nubia

Exterior of the Hotel Vermont in Burlington, VT

Serious travel-planning mode is about to begin, to the chagrin of my husband who thinks I am a lunatic for starting my packing lists weeks in advance of trips. I have two upcoming trips: a weekend away just with the hubby for a wedding in Vermont (we haven’t taken a trip alone since 2012!) and our big family beach vacation in Delaware. I like to take my time when I pack, so, in my perfect world, I would leave my suitcase out the week before my trip and put a few things in it each day as I think of them. The truth is I don’t have time for that and it’s not very practical.

I was a business traveler for six years and what I have learned is that a check off list is the best way to efficiently pack for trips–no matter how short, for business or pleasure. For all my readers who think they are not travel savvy or think they are as crazy as I am about packing it all in for the perfect trip, I am sharing my ultimate packing list for you to print and use! I’ve even left some empty spaces for you to customize.

Stay tuned for a review of Burlington and Hotel Vermont during my no-kids-allowed weekend getaway in a few weeks. I can’t wait! #ParentsGoneWild

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