#EWS Free on Amazon.com Oct 4th-5th!

Encounters with Strangers by Nubia DuVall Wilson

Encounters with Strangers by Nubia DuVall Wilson

Attention all bookworms! The Kindle version of my new book, Encounters With Strangers will be available for free from Saturday, October 4th through Sunday, October 5th. If you choose to download it, I just ask that you please leave me a review on Amazon.com. It allows me to gain popularity and get more exposure to new readers šŸ™‚

Don’t own a Kindle? That’s okay! You can still read Kindle books that you purchase from Amazon.com Yep, that’s right! Amazon let’s you read their books on your computer via the Kindle Cloud Reader and most digital devices/phones using their Reading App.

So if you want to own a good laugh for free, please check out Encounters with Strangers. A summary of the book is below. Thanks for the support!

What’s it about:

Encounters with StrangersĀ gives new meaning to the saying, “Never talk to strangers.” Experience city living and traveling abroad in this humorous compilation of real-life interactions that happened between strangers and Nubia DuVall Wilson over the span of eight years. Starting as an obsession with compiling comical episodes on the New York City subway, Wilsonā€™s collection of stories expanded over time to include situations while traveling and when she lived abroad in Taipei, Taiwan. From subway catfights and disgruntled panhandlers to bumping into celebrities, this book of outrageous shorts will keep readers entertained.

Where to find it:Ā Amazon.com; BarnesandNoble.com; St. Marks Bookshop, NYC; [Words], Maplewood NJ

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