When the Gender Guessing Game Gets Ugly

Why is it that people (strangers) think it is their duty to tell you the sex of your unborn child? Yes…there are times when I enjoy the guessing game and it’s fun to see my round bump go against the old wives tales of size/shape = sex, BUT sometimes people go too far.

I happened to encounter a woman who likes to use numerology to guess the gender of pregnancies (I think it’s similar to the Chinese method). As soon as she saw me, she asked, “Do you know what you’re having?”

“Yes. Why? Do you want to guess?” I asked, not knowing she was into numerology.

“Yes–I’m never wrong! How old were you when you got pregnant?”

“32–no wait, 31! Oh boy, my baby brain is bad today,” I replied.

“When is your due date?”

“October 24.”

The woman calculated something in her head and then a second later exclaimed, “You’re having a girl!”

“Nope. A boy,” I replied.

She looked at me sideways and said, “Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. I had the sonogram, we saw the right body part, the doctor confirmed it.”

“Yeah well they said the same to me and showed me the body part, so I prepared for a boy and I ended up having a GIRL!”

Was this woman serious? I was getting annoyed. What I really wanted to say was: “Sounds like you learned this trick too late. Is that why now you torture other mothers-to-be with your numerology?” But instead I replied, “Well the important thing is that it’s healthy.”

I walked away and a few minutes later she re-approached and shouted, “Sorry! I used the wrong number for October–I used 11 for November on mistake. Yes, you should be having a boy!”

36 Weeks and Counting!

36 Weeks and Counting #Selfie!

Well, hallelujah. Thanks for re-assuring me of what my doctor has already told me. Why try to make me feel like $hit because YOU didn’t guess correctly? Unbelievable. She should have just said, “Oh, I guess I am wrong.”

So here we are…I am four weeks away from my due date (and quite miserable actually from all the aches an pains!) and I wonder if I will go on time or not. Here’s what I do know: I will be thrilled with the birth of our second child–son or daughter it doesn’t matter!

2 responses to “When the Gender Guessing Game Gets Ugly

  1. Ha, Ha that is so funny.
    I would have probably told her: “Are you serious, did my doctor lie to me! You think I can sue him?
    Nice picture… I can tell by looking at it that you will have a boy….. 🙂
    No, let me stop. You look great, glad to see you are in good health. I read your comment but the link follows back to your old blog so I rushed over to say hello.
    Me I am doing good, a bit stressed, my baby girl is a senior and all she talks about is college applications, financial aid and what not. All I hear is… my little girl is leaving.
    But all is good. I am glad you enjoyed my last post @ yuthink.blogspot.com
    You are always welcomed to write a guest post – let me know.

    • Thanks for stopping by an reading! You’re too funny. I will of course now have to blog about my second delivery experience so that you can all find out if it’s really a boy or not! Crazy how fast your kids grow up, right? Congratulations to your daughter! Applying to college can be stressful but def worth it of course. I’m sure she will do well. Will let you know about the guest post after I push this baby out 🙂

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