Maternal Road Rage – Don’t Mess with the Pregnant Lady!

Road Rage

I’ll be bringing another child into the world at the end of October, a baby boy! This pregnancy has been so different and relaxing in many ways since I am no longer commuting into NYC for work. BUT there are still plenty of opportunities to bump into a-holes on the roads of New Jersey.

One morning I was picking up some juice and a snack at the gas station near my office. As I was leaving the parking lot, heading to the exit, I noticed a red Jeep was speeding out of its parking space and not paying attention that I was behind it. I honked to alert the driver so that he/she wouldn’t hit me. Well that did it. The driver stopped and waited.

As I drove around the driver who obviously couldn’t wait to spew obscenities at me, I noticed the middle aged man had his window down. “Are you in a rush!” he yelled.

I responded calmly, “No. You were speeding out of your space and didn’t seem to notice I was coming up right behind you.”

“I wasn’t speeding! You were!”

“No I wasn’t. I’M PREGNANT and being CAREFUL so no one hits me!” I yelled back.

“Seems like you’re in a rush to me!”

“Listen, I have the right away and if you don’t like it, get off the road!” I then sped off and gave him the finger through my window.

What an ass. Despite the fact that I am pregnant he still insisted that he had the right to drive the way he did and even wanted to continue to fight about it. Sometimes I feel like men have lost all respect for women. When I’m pregnant, women are the ones who often open the doors for me and ask me how I am doing. When I was in NYC, men never got up for me when I was on the subway. Something has gone terribly wrong, and I’m not sure why. I could blame violence on TV and in movies, excessive war around the world, or the economy I guess. Or maybe it’s just bad parenting. As I raise my son, I’ll remember to teach him what it means to treat people with respect!

3 responses to “Maternal Road Rage – Don’t Mess with the Pregnant Lady!

  1. Hi Nubia and congratulations on the little boy baby whose arrival will be imminent before too long!
    I totally agree, where have all the gentlemen gone?? and, general respect.
    Enjoying all of your posts! (I’m doing a catch-up!)
    Take good care of yourself.

    • Rose! I too need to catch up on your posts. It has been a busy summer for me and I haven’t had much time to write or read other blogs because I’m so tired in the evening after chasing after Ella! Hope you are well!

  2. LOL I can imagine how exhausting life can be at the moment – so you have a good excuse! I can hardly use your excuse I’m waaay too old! Little Ella is looking gorgeous too!
    Yes, I’m well and good! Enjoying 5 weeks holiday over the west coast of the country at the moment. Only able to access the internet occasionally!

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