Strangers Changing Lives

Hanging in Chester, NJ at The Public House

A few weeks ago I made a big decision to change my life. I quit my job. Made possible by meeting a stranger. Many of you have followed along my PR career for the past few years–from doing travel retail PR for Bacardi to most recently traveling like a star, representing luxury hotel and travel clients (per my post From Germany to London: Gluvine, Beer, and Holiday Cheer). Sure, it looked glamorous, but the daily grind was not.

Between commuting three hours a day on NJ Transit trains that are NEVER on time, bringing work home and not spending time with family, and feeling so tired that I can’t even play with baby Ella, my job was starting to really get me down. I knew I needed to find a job based in NJ. One day, I went to a dentist ten minutes from my house to get my teeth cleaned and I left the office with a business meeting to discuss being the center’s new in-house Marketing and PR Director. I was ecstatic. I’ll be helping them grow and expand into total wellness. The crazy thing was I was literally looking for jobs on while waiting to be seen by the doctor after the hygienist cleaned my teeth! It was fate.

Will I miss travel PR? Sure! I’ll miss the amazing free trips, the clients, my colleagues. But what is more important is that I will get to spend more time with my family and maybe even write more now that I will have normal work hours!

And then, after making the decision to make this change, a stranger approached me and had some words of wisdom to share: Earlier this month on a Saturday Chris, Ella, and I went to get breakfast in South Orange at Grid Iron Waffle House. A fellow father was admiring Ella and he said to us, “Enjoy these early moments. My kids are five and seven now. This time is finite.”

Great advice. I love being a working mom. I am obsessed with Marketing and PR and can’t wait to start my new job, but there needs to be balance. I don’t want to have any regrets–life is too short!

10 responses to “Strangers Changing Lives

  1. Yay Nubia, I'm so happy for you! Finding balance in your life is the key. Seems like you're on the good path. Knowing what you value the most and then making time for that… that's where true happiness lies. Ella is so cute, and I absolutely love her name!

  2. I can surely understand the decision you made, much of my daughters baby years were missed because I worked midnight hours and slept most of the day. I read your post about your trip and how you missed your baby girl – I hope all works well for you and by all means, spend as much time as you can with her: time does fly by.
    Good luck!

  3. Congratulations Nubia, this will be a wonderful change in an otherwise hectic schedule!
    I cannot believe that Ella is 9 months old – where has that time gone! Another reason to grab as much as you can with your lovely family.

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