Pants Down, Nose Up!

I got on to the Q train on my day off (President’s Day), heading down to Union Square from 34th street, and I was wondering if I would see anything interesting. It’s rare that I’m on the subway these days and I admit I do miss all the crazies.

When I entered, I immediately noticed that most people were sitting on the opposite side of the car. Just as I was about to sit on an empty bench, I noticed a stench and turned to my left.

Oh my! It was a homeless man with his pants pulled down. How did I not notice this when I got on the train? His back was to me so I only got mooned (luckily?). The doors closed behind me so I swiveled around quickly to my right and sat on the OPPOSITE side of the car like all the others. It’s amazing to me that only one non-bathing person can stink up an entire train so badly!

The eye-watering stench was endured for a few stops since I was on the express line. Riders and I were periodically glancing over to the left to see what Stinky was up to–and it looked like he was spraying the seats like a skunk. . .#gross.

I guess I asked for it. I wanted a show and I got one–smell-a-vision-style. It made me appreciate the fact that the weirdest thing I’ve seen riding NJ Transit has been this woman who paints dots all over herself and her luggage with white paint. How long do you think she’s been waiting for her train?

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