Taking the High Road in Texas

I am so excited to travel this summer with Ella and Chris. By June she will be 11 months and ready to play in the water. The first time we went away with Ella was in October to San Antonio, Texas, when she was three months old–I blogged about it in Out with the Old, in with the Rude. I learned a lot about traveling with a baby, such as packing a week early and researching hotel amenities ahead of time, as well as the fact that strangers LOVE approaching you when you have a tike in tow.

Relaxing at the pool

I have to admit, I was nervous about traveling with Ella at such a young age and staying at the sophisticated JW Marriott Hill Country Resort but it was family friendly! There was a special water park with slides, a lazy river with rafts that wrapped around the pool, baby amenities and the hotel worked with babysitting agencies that were reasonably priced and reliable (which meant mom and dad could have date night!).

On my second day at the resort, I met a fellow mom who was an employee. She spotted baby Ella and struck a conversation with me while I was signing up to test drive one of the BMWs on property that guests could rent complimentary for the evening (I chose the 750Li because who knows when we’ll be able to afford it!).

“Your baby is so cute! Mine was ugly,” said the short woman with brown hair.

“Thank you,” I replied awkwardly. You rarely hear parents speak negatively of their offspring until they are old enough to be considered “lost causes,” so I didn’t know what to say.

Baby Ella chilling out in the shade

She continued, “Wow, she really is gorgeous. My daughter had squinty eyes like an alien. She really was not cute! Look, I have a photo of her when she was a few months old.”

I looked at the picture she pulled up on her phone and. . . well. . . she did look a little alien-like, but I was not going to verbally agree with her! I just smiled and said, “Awww.”

Now look at her. She could be a model!” exclaimed the woman who then showed me a picture of her when she must have been in her 20s.

“Yes. She is beautiful!” It was actually quite a transformation her daughter went through.

I wondered why the woman was so adamant about making fun of the way her daughter looked as a baby. Weren’t parents supposed to be biased about their little ones? Or maybe she likes testing people to see if they will agree or disagree with her comments. I mean, really? Who is going to outright call someone else’s baby ugly! Those are fightin’ words and I know better than to mess with a mom in Texas!

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