‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas

Xmas market in Munich, Germany – Dec ’13
Now that I live in the suburbs, I enjoy doing my holiday shopping at the mall, avoiding the madness of NYC. But this year I decided to complicate things by buying pre-sale items at Macy’s for future pick up…
When I returned to Macy’s to pick up my gifts, I approached a long table in the lingerie department where a male employee was (awkwardly) sitting alone.
“I’m picking up a sweater. Here is my i.d.,” I said to the man, showing him my license.
“Okay. I will be right back.” He replied.
“Don’t you want to write it down? It’s under Nubia Wilson.”
“No. It’s okay.” He then went into the storage room to find my purchase.
Three minutes go by and still no sweater. Then he returned and asked, “What’s your name again? There were a few Wilsons…”
“Just take the license.” I showed it to him again.
He looked at the card but did not take it. “No it’s okay. I will remember.” No you won’t, I thought!
A woman arrived who was in her 50s or so and she asked, “Have you been waiting long?” She had a strong New Jersey accent.
“Yes. More than five minutes or so. I think he forgot my name, AGAIN.”
“Oh no. My husband will kill me if this takes too long, but I have to get my stuff.” She turned to a female saleswoman at the register. “Excuse me, how long does this take? Is there only one worker here?”
The saleswoman responded, “No, he has help. There are three people total and it’s dark in there.”
I looked at the woman and said, “I only saw one guy, but maybe the others are in the back?”
Then the woman dashed around the table and walked into the storage room. I could hear her yelling but I couldn’t hear the responses:
“HELLO! Is anyone there? We are waiting out here! HELLO? Yes I need my purchases. Are you working alone? Ugh…you don’t have any help? There’s a line of people WAITING!”
The man returned without anything in his hand. “Your first name is DuVall?”
Jesus Christ. “NO! It’s Nubia. TAKE MY LICENSE!” I yelled, and so he took it. He also took the other woman’s information while two new groups of female customers joined the line.
A few minutes later he returned with only my item. The other women in line were about to go bat shit crazy!
I wondered if the money I had saved was worth all this trouble.  Of course the best way to avoid all this is online shopping, which we did for Ella and accidentally received a $500 B.O.B twin stroller–is someone trying to tell us something? Happy Holidays, everyone!

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