Out with the old, in with the rude

Three months after having Ella, Chris and I were excited to go on our first family voyage by plane! I was a little nervous but after reading tips online and talking to friends who had plane traveled with their infants not even 3 months old yet, I felt ready (and she did great!)! Of course, some new learnings happened along the way from un/uber-friendly airline staff.

“Did they call families yet?” I asked my husband while I put baby Ella in my K’tan wrap in the sitting area of the gate at Newark airport.

“I’m not sure,” he replied, occupied with getting our bags and stroller together to enter the line.

I looked over and a man gave me and Ella a smile and nod as if to say, “Yes, go on! You can go first.” So we got in line.

Chris and I proudly walked up to the United Airways counter to give the attendant our boarding passes and tag our car seat and stroller; the man paused.

“You’re not in Group 1 or 2. I didn’t call you yet,” he said in a monotone voice while looking at my pass.

“Oh, um. . . I thought you said women with babies can go first. Don’t you do that?” I was confused because every other flight I’ve been on did that. I tried to show him how cute the baby was, but he didn’t even crack a smile.

“No. We don’t do that anymore. New rules. Next time don’t cut the line.”

New rules? WTF? I felt gypped! “Well that’s a terrible thing to do to children!” I retorted. I snatched my pass and stormed off.

While waiting to get on the plane in the tunnel, others approached me and commented on how rude it was.

“I can’t believe they don’t call parents with infants and handicap travelers first. That’s so insensitive!” said an older woman next to me.

“I know! He practically said, ‘F-you!’ to me!”

Luckily the flight attendants were nicer. One even commended me for changing Ella’s diaper in the bathroom. She said, “Most parents are lazy and just change the diaper on the tray table! It’s pretty gross. So NEVER eat off the tray tables on planes!” Ew!

So now you know, folks. Your airplane snacks are too expensive to become tray table crumbs–don’t let that innocent “5 second rule” poop on your hunger parade!


2 responses to “Out with the old, in with the rude

  1. I'll be flying myself in a few days and -chuckle- as I settle in my seat and put my tray table down I'll think of you Nubia!!
    Ella is 3 months??? where has that time gone. So pleased to hear the flight wasn't traumatic for her. She's going to be a traveller!
    Have a wonderful week over there as the chill approaches, think of me sweltering over here.

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