A New NYC Blog: LOutLoud

If there’s one person who has as many crazy and interesting NYC stories as I do (if not more), it’s my good buddy Lorianne. Her happy, laid-back personality is infectious and there’s something about her that causes interesting things to happen her. After much encouragement from her friends, she started a new blog called LOutLoud, which stands for LorianneOutLoud and covers her thoughts on living in NYC and all that it has to offer. Please check it out! One of her blog posts is below, which highlights her favorite food truck in the city. Enjoy!

My Favorite Truck – The Cinnamon Snail, By Lorianne

When people pass by the always-long-at-lunchtime line for The Cinnamon Snail, there is lots of chatter regarding disbelief. “What is this?” “What are all those people waiting for?” “Can it really be that good?”

Well the simple answer is yes, it IS that good, if not better.

The Cinnamon Snail, known fondly as “the vegan lunch truck” is hands down the best food truck I have ever visited. It is no surprise that they are this year’s winner of the Vendy Awards, an award recognizing the best of the best mobile food vendors in New York City. The truck posts its schedule on Facebook and Twitter (@VeganLunchTruck) each day, making it easy to track down.

“The Snail” serves several delicious sandwiches to fuel your lunch break. My favorite is the lemongrass five-spiced seitan on a baguette…[read more here]

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