Unexpected Comments When You’re Expecting

33 weeks in my backyard 

I am two weeks away from being 9 months pregnant–SCARY! With that said, this post is an ode to the fun comments I have received over the past 8 months during my pregnancy from strangers in New York City and beyond!

“I have a son and had to explain to him how to please a woman in the bedroom–be ready to do that!” – a grandmother on plane to Jamaica from JFK airport

“Oh, you’re pregnant. My wife was too, and then she lost it at 5 months this past Sunday.” – doorman of my office building

“Do you have any complaints?” – the unfriendly nurse’s way of asking me how I am doing at my 9-week Obgyn visit (I switched to a new doctor the next month)

“Drink some of my wine! Go on, drink it. When I was pregnant 50 years ago I drank the whole time! – my client’s mother on a business trip

“You don’t have a stomach virus, your just pregnant!” – hospital nurse after I had been vomiting for six hours on first day of my 3rd trimester

“Are you planning to breast feed? Pumpings not easy when you go back to work–I dried up right away!” – store clerk in NYC

“They told me I was having a girl and when I gave birth it was a boy! – admin at dentist’s office

“Hey! Wow. Looking good–I love it! It’s coming soon, right? Are you happy? Yes? If not, I’ll take over for you! I love it!” – man in flower district this past Thursday as I wobbled slowly to work

“God bless your baby!” – man on street in front of wholesale wig shop

“You look like you are having a boy!”

“You look like you are having a girl!”

“You will miss being pregnant. Now you don’t have to share her but once she’s out everyone will have a hand on her” – great advice from mother of two in South Orange

Oh the things people say when they see your baby bump. I appreciate all of the advice I have been given and even the weird comments. Even though my sciatica kills, I walk like I’m dragging around a bowling ball, and I just passed a bar this week that was giving away “free cocktails until 7 PM” (would have loved a drink!), being pregnant has been an amazing experience! Can’t wait to meet nubia, jr (in June, July 1, who knows!).

4 responses to “Unexpected Comments When You’re Expecting

  1. ooooh sciatica – no fun there! I got a huge chuckle from some of the comments made to you and you look absolutely beautiful Nubia. I reckon there'll be an 'extra' in your next post! Thinking of you for a safe and healthy delivery.

  2. Hey girl! Oh the things people say… You are looking awesome–really. After that baby is out, we'll hook up for a cocktail. I can't wait to hear about your parenting adventures!

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