Breaking the Rules: NY Penn Station Misconduct

Rules of Conduct in NY Penn Station Bathroom – by Moi

Why are bus and train stations always known for having questionable people roaming around–and I’m not just talking about in New York City. I’ve been on a 4-hr bus ride from Charlottesville, Virginia during which I woke up to a man’s hand on my bum; in the Newark, NJ train station when a psychotic man was roaming, threatening to “kill crazy people;” and even on a long-haul bus trip in Taiwan that picked up hitchhikers and then dropped them off at random points.

Maybe I should stick to driving you say? Well, that won’t be happening while I still commute into New York City for work. Although New York Penn Station doesn’t have as many shady people lurking around as the Port Authority Bus Station, there’s one place I learned where crazy people mostly hang out: the bathroom. And since my pregnancy bladder causes me to go every 30 minutes, I find myself in NY Penn’s bathrooms A LOT during my morning and evening commute.

The usual encounters are bathing, charging cell phones, talking to one’s self, refusing to leave the stall, shaving…there’s no limit to what people try to do in there! One day I entered the bathroom and I immediately almost turned away. A woman was on the toilet with the door wide open…W-I-D-E OPEN! What could have happened to you that morning that you end up saying to yourself, “I just don’t give a damn, I’m doing this for the WORLD to see!”

I had to go badly and the only stall open was the one next to her, which meant I got to hear her senseless grumbling about God knows what all to clearly *sigh*. You know there’s a lot of mischief amok when there are “Rules of Conduct” for an establishment. I took a picture (image above) of the rules to abide by in the bathroom at the train station and I realized there needs to be another rule that states: “Don’t Ruin People’s Day by Forgetting to Close Your Stall Door!”

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