My Bump-y Road Map

I love when I see expecting mom parking!

Oh the joys of being pregnant in the Big Apple–it ain’t always easy. In the morning, people try to avoid getting behind me as I wobble slowly down the street (don’t blame them) or men approach me and say things like, “God bless your baby!” At month seven, here’s a short guide of what I’ve learned about surviving NYC with a bun in the oven:

– Clumsiness is a result of pregnancy, which is bad news for someone like me who was already clumsy to begin with. I ordered a veggie burger and curly fries from the lunch spot Essen by my job one afternoon. The cook handed me a Styrofoam container with my piping hot yummy lunch and what did I do? I let it slip and fall into the french fries fryer! He gave me the evil eye and I mumbled bashfully: “Sorry, I’m pregnant.” Rule #1: Use being pregnant as the cause for all wrong doing! How can you stay angry at someone who is building a human in their body?

– On the NR train I stood in front of a seated woman who had her eyes closed, so I assumed she was asleep. I looked down and caught her slightly opening her eyes. She noticed my baby bump, and quickly shut them again! I was floored (there were other awake women around her who didn’t offer their seat). I strategically moved and stood in front of a man who quickly got up for me. Rule #2: Puff out our bump and only stand in front of men when the subway is full.

– Hunger is a never-ending feeling. I always carry healthy snacks in my purse and I had finished one of them while sitting in the NJ transit station late one night waiting for my train. I must have looked like I was still hungry (and I prob had that haggard “I’ve been carrying this heavy baby bump around all day” look) because a volunteer group for the homeless stopped in front of me and asked, “Need a sandwich?” I almost laughed before politely responding, “No, thanks. I just ate.” Rule #3: Never underestimate the kindness of strangers.

Here’s to the next two months before I’m pushing out nubia, jr!

8 responses to “My Bump-y Road Map

  1. Haha! Yah, I am starting to see the parking spaces more in shopping centers in NJ too. It makes sense, my leg has been hurting so much lately from the position of the baby! I'm almost there though 🙂

  2. I always thought being pregnant in NYC would be unpleasant, but I've always thought being pregnant anywhere would be unpleasant! (Maybe this is why I never have been.)

    I don't know how you do it! I think it's harder commuting in than living in–just from the morning sickness aspect and the longer train ride. But good news, it's almost over! You will be a mom in no time. Can't wait to read about those adventures! xo

  3. Hey, Tracy! I think you make an interesting point about commuting vs living. My commute into the city is about 1 hr and 15/20 min (door to door) and during that time I have to go to the bathroom, I'm hungry, sometimes nauseas, my leg hurts from my 15 min walk to the office, the list goes on! But, it's always an adventure and that's what makes it enjoyable too! 🙂

  4. I lived in NY and never saw a pregnancy sign – it could be cause as a man, why would I look for one…lol

    But I am surprised that a woman or women – who of the same sex should relate with your struggle, but just happen to ignore you. I like I hope most men always try to offer my seat to a women – pregnant or not. But your odds are great if you are preggo (is preggo still acceptable?)hard to keep up with the politically acceptable terms now a days.

    In either case I am glad to here your on month 7 and doing well…. even if those mean awful women didn't offer up a seat.

  5. There was a NYC politician who tried to make the pregnancy parking a law, but it didn't go so well! And in my opinion preggo is still acceptable! I love shortening words. It's nice to hear that you still get up for women 🙂

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