Block by Block: Picturing the City

Lately I have been obsessed with taking pictures of found objects and interesting glimpses of life in the city. Even though I walk the same streets to work every day with little change in route, I still see so many things that make me say, “what?” or “why!?” I document them every couple of days on my EncounterswStrangers.tumblr and Instagram accounts, so please follow me if you are interested!  I plan to expand on this collection to include other parts of the city over time.

Here are some recent images with commentary. Enjoy!

Hockey stick left behind: I think serial killer Jason came back from hell and then got scared away by a New Yorker!

What could’ve transpired this morning to cause a man to apparently quickly undress on the street and leave behind his trousers? I mean, really, what???

Saw this on way to work spray painted onto a mailbox and I smiled. What kind of magic can be found in every day life? I would say plenty you just have to keep your eyes open!

Just as I stopped to admire flowers blooming on the sidewalk on the way to work, I heard someone yell, “Yo you gotta move! Get da f&@k out da way!” So much for spring in nyc!

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