From K-Town to Cancun: BonChon Chicken for Lunch

I think this might have been the Soy Duk-Bo-Ki dish!

As mentioned when I wrote a guest post on the fabulous blog NYC, Style and a Little Cannoli, I have a pet peeve about restaurants not offering authentic international cuisine. For that reason, I love New York City and all of its culinary options–but sometimes restaurants get it wrong.

Last Friday one of my close friends and I went to BonChon Chicken, a Korean restaurant in Koreatown (K-Town) on 5th Avenue and 32nd street. She had never been and I was excited to have their famous chicken wings as well as something new off the menu.
After drooling over the options, I decided on Soy Duk-Bo-Ki, described as “a sweet rice cake dish prepared with fish cakes, peppers, a hardboiled egg, cabbage, and a homemade soy garlic sauce.” My friend also wanted to try it.

The waiter approached the table and I said, “We’d like to order six wings and the Soy Duk-Bo-Ki.”

The waiter kneeled down closer to the table and said in a lower voice, “You don’t want that dish.” My friend and I looked at him confused and both asked, “Why?”

“Well, it’s Korean street food and mostly only Koreans like it. It’s got a lot of stuff in it and you probably won’t like it.”

I loved street food when I lived in Taiwan, so this still sounded delicious but I heeded his advice.  I dejectedly looked at the menu and saw Chicken Kat-Tsu, which I always avoided for more exciting dishes (it’s like chicken strips with bbq sauce on top). I ordered it anyway since I had actually never tried it before.

My friend hesitated, not knowing what to get. Not in the mood for red meat, she ordered, “I’ll have the chicken taco wrap.” So much for authentic Korean cuisine!

Three days later and I’m still disappointed. Could the Soy Duk-Bo-Ki get bad reviews because BonChon is in a very touristy area? Are tourists not adventurous foodies like the locals? CRAP, did I look like a tourist that day? Note to self: next time I power lunch during work week, I must where all black, look pissed off, and talk/text on my iPhone about work relentlessly!

2 responses to “From K-Town to Cancun: BonChon Chicken for Lunch

  1. What a bummer! especially if you are a bit adventurous with culinary delights! You know you'll have to go back and order it, otherwise you'll always wonder! 😉

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