Signman Says…

Sign on fence of construction area – 28th St & 6th Ave

Although I think most New Yorkers ignore a lot of the colorful ads and signs that are displayed on every square inch of space in the city, there are just some signs that you cannot ignore. The one to the left is one of them. It stood out among glitzy movie posters and concert advertisements on the fence of a construction site.

When I came across this questionable, homemade-looking sign, I was half asleep walking to work on 28th street and at first I thought it meant that Google employees were coming to New York and upchucking in cabs! Oh, those sensitive nerds…

Anyhoo, I snapped a photo and kept on walking. A few hours later, I looked at the photo again and I realized it was telling me to Google “Please don’t vomit in the taxi.” The potential web results made me squeamish–why the hell would I want to do that?

So then I began wondering, what could this be an advertisement for? A new taxi union? A disgruntled taxi driver who might have even dipped the right corner of his sign in something left behind in his cab? My curiosity took over. I Googled it.

What I found was a traffic accident of a blog by a NYC yellow taxi driver. Aside from the Youtube video of a girl in a cab–you can imagine what happened–I hardly could make any sense of what was going on except for two things: the cabbie talks about himself in third person (weird)….and is running for NYC’s mayor as an independent (even weirder)! If this sign is part of his campaign, I suggest he hire a campaign officer because launching a political race with filth is not a winning idea!

Patrons beware–this is one taxi you will want to avoid!

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