Subway Encounter: Ms. Personality

Photo taken by Rekanyari (Flickr)
To continue the countdown to Encounters with Strangers, here is a subway story from the soon-to-be-published book from the section, “Mind the Gap.”

Ms. Personality
My immediate thought when I entered the N train was, Oh no—a fight is going to break out!
A woman stood by the emergency exit door and yelled, “Who do you think you are? You need to get a job, you whore!”
I looked around to see to whom she was speaking, but I didn’t see anyone.
“You should see George now. He looks so different. George is mine!”
I slowly realized that this woman was talking to herself. Everyone was politely ignoring her while she ranted in the corner—until personality number two came out:
“You know, you need to call the police department, because you need a psychiatrist!”
The train giggled, all thinking the same thing: Take your own advice!
And then Ms. Personality went berserk. She started laughing loudly and sneered, “And you—you think you’re a model? I asked you where you modeled, and you said, ‘Nowhere.’ But I have modeled for Playboy—I know I’m not as skinny as I used to be….” (Ms. Personality was about five foot six, overweight, and didn’t really look like model material, but who’s to judge?)
When the ex-model left the train at my stop, she had more words of wisdom to share. She quipped, “And Donald Trump just won’t kill himself!”
Ha! Well, that did it. Although she was insane, Ms. Personality had given us a humorous truth bomb—Donald Trump and his terrible hairstyle are here to stay; unfortunately, he’ll never be fired. 

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