Countdown, and Guest Post, and Free iPad–Oh my!

I am way behind on writing my blog posts this week–even though I had Monday off for Presidents’ Day, the week just got away from me!

So, first up, I am doing a countdown to my book, Encounters with Strangers, being published this spring. Sporadically I will be posting some of my favorite Encounters with Strangers stories from the past seven years to celebrate! To start it off, I just guest wrote a post on another fabulous New York City-centric blog, Tracy’s New York Life. Tracy is a New Yorker who writes about food, culture, fashion and the city in general. One of my favorite posts thus far is “Why I Still Love Living in Manhattan,” which celebrates her anniversary living in the city since 2007.  Please read my guest post about moving to NJ from Manhattan and an interesting taxi ride I had one day during my lunch break at work:

Next, I have a fun contest for you that could earn you a free 16GB iPad mini! Since January, my blog has been syndicated on a new website called New York International: For the Global Citizen, which offers insight into what it is like to work, play, and live in New York City. It’s a great community and I highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking about moving to the Big Apple or even planning a trip there. To celebrate the site’s launch and growing community, they are giving away an iPad mini to one lucky winner. All you have to do is “like” one of their social media profiles to enter. Check out the contest here:

More encounters to come soon! In the meantime, enjoy this cute image of E.T. in front of a mom and pop coffee shop in the Flatiron District.



3 responses to “Countdown, and Guest Post, and Free iPad–Oh my!

  1. Hi Nubia, I read your post over at Tracy's and although you love where you live now, it none-the-less brought home to me yet again the tremendous hold that NYC/Manhattan weaves around people.
    Can't wait to hear when your book is published.
    Stay warm over there!

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