Lights, Camera, Catcall: TV Shoots in Manhattan

Sex in the Cit TV Shoot

During my walk to work this morning, I had a strange feeling I was going to speak with a stranger. And then I turned the corner at 28th street and Madison to enter my office and surprisingly saw camera crews. When I was at Barnard college on the Upper West Side (our campus was commonly used for TV shows like Law & Order), I used to flirt with anyone on the set of shoots to be an extra–could this day be my chance?

Instead of stalling outside my building in my Eskimo jacket with fur hood (not really looking my coolest, pun intended!), I went on to work.

At lunch time I left the office again to ship a box at UPS and then get food. Around the corner from the photo shoot on 28th street a man yelled, “Lady, you are not only beautiful, but I like that walk of yours!”

The middle-aged catcaller looked a bit disheveled but harmless. Ironically, I wasn’t walking my usual “I’m 4 months pregnant and feeling fat lugging this extra weight around” walk, so I did have a pep in my step for once.

On the way back to the office, I was stopped by Mr. Catcaller on Madison Ave. He was talking to a police officer seated in his cop car and happened to look in my direction. “Hey! What’s your name?” he asked.

I walked over and said, “Nubia.”

“Oh wow, interesting name! How did you get it? I mean, how did your parents choose it?”

More closely, I noticed that Dale was missing a front tooth and I tried not to stare at it!

“My father does African art. He opened one of the first African art galleries in Harlem in the 60s.”

“Wow, interesting. My name is Dale. I work on the set here.”

“Oh, Carrie Diaries, right?”

“Yeah, they are taping in Duo restaurant right now. It’s the prequel to Sex in the City–takes place when Carrie is in high school.”

“That franchise just keeps going…well, good for them,” I replied. There was an awkward pause. I realized this was my chance to get some gossip, the inside scoop on being an extra for the show, or even some free food on the table behind Dale to feed the actors (the spread looked amazing and you know those teen actresses don’t eat!). But I was holding my hot lunch in my left hand and it was getting cold. I said a quick goodbye, sacrificing what might have been my last chance at gaining stardom to go back to my office and feed myself (and my hungry baby) a grilled sandwich and yellow split pea soup.

3 responses to “Lights, Camera, Catcall: TV Shoots in Manhattan

  1. You should be glad. You probably would have been amazing, gotten a reccuring role, become famouse, rich and all that…. but deep inside you would not have been happy. You would have missed this blog. Then in an attempt to return to your roots, your true self, your true passion. You would have given it all up.
    But that is just me thinking out loud.

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