Reigning Insults

bad behavior in rainI’ve said it before. When it rains in NYC, everyone is pissed off (more so than normal). The weather report said sunny skies this past Tuesday, but instead, dark clouds and rain pervaded.
It was the type of rain I hate the most–when it’s so light you don’t know if it’s worth opening up your umbrella (and battling other pedestrians) versus letting the rain spit on you. I chose the former as I walked to work.

“If this happens again, I’m gonna screw him!” I heard one man so to another under scaffolding of a construction site. The morning was starting out quite negative!

Next up, two girls hurriedly walking down 28th Street, carrying D’Agostina grocery bags. The brunette looked at the blonde and screamed, “If ONE more BITCH spits on me I’m gonna BEAT ’em!” I wondered if she truly mistook the rain for a saliva attack.

Then my female colleague at work shared, “I walked out of the NR train this morning and a man looked at me and yelled, ‘SLUT!’ I think he thought I was naked underneath my trench coat because all you could see were my bare legs.” That was the best street insult I had heard in a while! I was surprised that her pseudo-naughty outfit wasn’t well received–that’s when you know the city is in a foul mood!

8 responses to “Reigning Insults

  1. Thanks for visiting my site. and would i do it again?
    I want to believe that I would do it again if – I say if, my son really wanted to do it again. But I have to admit, I wouldn't be looking forward to it…….

  2. Hey there! Ugh, it was crazy over here. Had no power for two weeks!! A blog post is on its way though–most likely tomorrow! Thanks for checking on me. I will drop by your blog. Hope all is well with you.

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