Jumpin’ 4 Doughnuts

central park kids games

I thought I had seen it all…strangers with multiple personalities, unkempt celebrities in elevators, and even subway fights with pregnant women. But what I saw during a Central Park picnic truly left me speechless and wondering, What the hell is going on here!

Chris and I were at Central Park’s Cedar Hill lawn (by the Fifth Ave and Seventy-Seventh Street entrance) having a relaxing picnic when all of a sudden we heard screaming children behind us. Not that it’s rare to hear children in Central Park, but something about the shrieks made my ears perk in curiosity.

At first I couldn’t clearly see what was going on–I saw children trying to bite something without using their arms and a set of parents holding a long stick–then I realized…the adults were making the kids jump for doughnuts! Each child took turns using their little chompers to grasp the doughy, sugary goodness hanging from a string. Some succeeded, some cried.

What kind of crazy party game was this and how did they come up with it? With child obesity rates so high, maybe this was just a clever way to force kids to do cardio before downing a 500-calorie donut (Dunkin’, I’m looking at you). You know what? If I ever have kids, I’ll do this too, but I will use popsicles on a string and yell, “Jump faster! It’s going to melt! Knees to chest! KNEES TO CHEST“!

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