Playing by the Rules

“You can’t use the pool until 3 pm,” said the receptionist at the Water Club hotel. It was my first time in Atlantic City and my husband and I were excited to sunbathe, relax, and gamble. Unfortunately my first priority was getting trampled on.

The receptionist continued, “Maybe they’ll let you in if it’s not too crowded.” What kind of rule was that?! We had already checked in and our room was ready (it was 12 PM) and since it was Sunday people were clearing out.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll let us in,” Chris said reassuringly. And he was right, we did get in but Chris was banned from another part of the hotel–the day spa, where we went a few hours before my treatment to get a day pass for Chris.

“We aren’t selling anymore spa passes today. We are too busy, but if he wants to get a treatment we have some space, and then he’ll have access,” said the spa receptionist with a fake smile.

“But I called yesterday and asked if he could use the hot tub and sauna while I received my treatment and they said it would cost $45.00!” I replied very annoyed. No dice.

While leaving, we looked around and saw no one in the hot tub, no one in the lap pool, and one person in a lounge chair. The sauna must have been a hot overcrowded mess of sweaty men–maybe Chris was spared?

Many drinks later, I was standing at the Roulette table excited to put my $15 pile of chips on black when the attendant looked at me and demanded, “I.d please.”

A middle-aged woman next to me who had about 10 piles of chips noticed my confusion as I pulled out my license that said I was 30 years old; she mumbled, “She thinks your under 21…”

Oh, Nice! I thought to myself. Now THAT was a rule that made me smile!

Photo: image taken of chandelier in lobby of Water Club Hotel, Atlantic, City

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