Pedicure Pick Up Lines

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. It has been a busy summer…and my book is in the process of being edited *woop*! As I continue to work on it, I am going to try and post new photo-driven strange encounters. And here we go…

When I went to get a pedicure during my lunch break a few days ago, I was greeted by two pairs of hairy legs and feet attached to two very loud men.  They didn’t seem like a gay couple but I wondered what was going on when one of them told me he thought the shade a pink I choose was a “nice color” that he would consider…

I tried ignoring them while I read my book club reading of the month (William Faulkner’s Sanctuary), but I was quickly roped in!

“We are not gay,” said the man farthest away from me, and then continued “we get mani pedis all the time. Oh…hold on, my accountant is calling!” The man answered what I’d like to think was an imaginary call.

“Not gay” to me meant: we are straight and are here to pick up women because we realize this is an untapped market for scoring digits!

His friend to my left  (who I think was the wingman) looked at my hand and said, “Oh, she’s wearing a wedding ring!” And then they politely turned to a cute girl getting a manicure at the front of the salon as their next target.

Before they left, I asked if I could take their photo to prove to my husband that men really do get pedicures!  One said “sure” and the other said “just take it of him and send it to me so that I can post it on Facebook!” I purposely cut the guy’s face out of the photo here (although I am sure by now his friend has plastered it all over the interwebs!)

And if you’re wondering, the eligible bachelor left with shiny buffed toes and a date for next weekend.

(photo taken at Hair Party 24hr salon on Madison Ave)

3 responses to “Pedicure Pick Up Lines

  1. Personally, it's not for me. But you would be amazed at how many men do it. And no – it's not to pick up chicks…. lol. I worked part time at a mall Kiosk and I sat right across from what I simply will call a nail salon place. The smell would almost kill me – but the huge burley manly man guys that would show up to have oriental women rub there feet, primp there toes and all that was wierd and funny to watch.

    By the way – it's nice to have you back…..

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