1 Brat with a Side of Smart Ass

For those of you who are New Yorkers, you have probably heard of the Shake Shack–maybe you waited in line for 2 hours to get a ShackBurger with special sauce or you walked by the long line and shook your head wondering why the hell it’s worth waiting for. The hubby had never had it and a new branch just opened up on 86th street and Lexington, so we took the plunge this Labor Day and stood in line!

After specifying exactly what I wanted to the hubby (Shackburger and cheese fries!), I ran to grab a table. The place was packed and the line was out the door; I couldn’t chance us not having a place to sit once our food was ready!

As soon as I sat down, I noticed havoc was being raised in the booth behind me. Two brothers–about 10 and 13 years old–were yelling at each other. You know, the usual sibling rivalry…the mother was doing a bad job handling the situation.

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” the mom yelled. “You boys have been bickering since the car!! SHUT UP!!!”

The younger brother said pitifully, “Well what’s the point of having a brother if he isn’t nice to you!?” Good point Plato. The older brother seemed unphased by his sibling’s need for brotherly love; he simply replied, “Shut up!”

Once again, the mother’s temper got the best of her and she belted out some blood curdling screams about “SICK and TIRED of the BICKERING…”–nearby burger-stuffed shackers watched in annoyance and disgust.

The older brother looked at his mother and yelled, “YOU don’t even belong HERE!”

My Gawd! If I had said that to my parents, they would have smacked me! Then I realized that the mother was no better than her sons. Instead of being the parent and disciplining them, she stooped to their level of “bickering”. She was creating bratty monsters!

After the Mansons left, the hubby and I reflected on our own potential as parents. We agreed that it’s better to have our children understand early on one important thing: Mommy and Daddy are always right! No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


11 responses to “1 Brat with a Side of Smart Ass

  1. Your hubby sounds amazing, such a self-less gentlemen standing in line and ordering your food while you rest your heels! You're a lucky lady!

  2. this is why i'm all for parents beating their kids (within reason of course) because it instills a level of respect and self-control you can't get simply by being 'grounded'


  3. Everytime I walk past that place there are a hundred screaming kids running around like maniacs. Is there kiddie crack in the burgers? I haven't commited yet to the calories, but I don't think I could do it unless it was adult swim time. I have a sneaking suspicion that I would need a valium first. Would have LOVED to have seen Chris stomach that, though!

  4. Amy! I know, they should have happy hour there because they do sell wine and beer and make it adults only! They have that at the pottery place Make–Thursdays is ladies night: free wine and 1/2 priced per hour! We should go sometime!

  5. I consider you a bit more luckier than I am, trust me, hearing kids screaming is one thing and having kids screaming and having a food fight is another. I guess I know whets it like being hit with a bunch of French fries covered in sauce. In all honesty, the parent’s are to blame for this kind of behavior.

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