Cocks, Presidentes, and Packages

It was supposed to be an easy errand: go to Fed Ex by the Santo Domingo airport, pick up our packages I sent from NYC, pay the duties and taxes, then head to the airport to launch a promotion. I should have known…

When we arrived at the cargo area, my client and I were attacked by corrupt, non-English-speaking cargo workers who jumped in our taxi and told us they wanted us to pay them to get our packages out. They told us to wait in the bar/shack beside the gates, which had roosters running around inside, and then asked for the tracking numbers. After my insistence that we go with them to Fed Ex and not wait, we were adopted by a broker, “Scarface,” who would help us for a price–$200 USD.

An hour later, I was in the Fed Ex warehouse bathroom, staring at a sign that read in Spanish: “Please do not urinate on the floor.” My toes curled in my flip flops as I slid along the tiles and tried not to touch anything.

Scarface kept telling us to give him more money to speed the process along (aka bribe his co-workers who were SO busy…busy doing nothing but sitting on packages and laughing), meanwhile the staff was saving the customs data of my packages on floppy disks…

Hour 3 goes by, and by then, we were sure our packages would never be available, so my client and I started drinking beer at the shack–our taxi driver had been waiting in the hot van all this time, so we bought him a beer too. FINALLY, Scarface found us at the bar and said our packages could be picked up after paying $1,050 in duties and taxes. Unbelievable!

Yah sure, I know “Caribbean time” isn’t like “New York time,” and maybe they’ve got the right idea–bribery will make anyone work faster.

7 responses to “Cocks, Presidentes, and Packages

  1. remind me never to send anything to or travel to the DR to pick them up.i’ll stick with the US and Europe!miss you sexy lazy!o_O

  2. I knew there was a reason I had to visit the site – funny, just funny. But the sad thing is – it’s all true…………Reminds me of when I travel to NY – the crazy things that happen.Bill

  3. Did you file a complaint with FedEx?FedEx needs to know about this and get their act together. They either provide RELIABLE service in DR OR not service the country at all. Know what I mean?

  4. Ming – I know! I really should put a complaint in, will do that soon because there more I think about it and tell people, the more I am amazed that that stuff goes on there.

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