Coffee, Books, and Bitchfests

Barnes and Noble Starbucks CafeI went to the B&N cafe to buy some Starbucks coffee and read some books. I HATE Starbucks–mostly because I just think their coffee is overpriced–but I had a gift card. When I gave it to the cashier, he looked at me and said, “We don’t accept Starbucks cards.”

“But…this is starbucks,” I replied.
“No. This is Barnes and Noble and we just sell Starbucks coffee.” I looked around at all the Starbucks merchandise on sale, the cashier’s Starbucks uniform, and the sign above that said, “Starbucks.” This was bull$h&^. Instead of complaining, I dished out the $5 for my crappy coffee and walked to where I had left my books and jacket.
There was a burly stranger in his mid-30’s taking most of the room at my two-seater table with his arms and magazines. I looked at him and said, “Um…I’m sitting here and I am going to need some space.” Despite the fact that I had been sitting there first, he looked annoyed and begrudgingly threw his stack of 20 magazines on the floor.
I spread out the books I wanted to look at and took out my notebook to make notes. The guy looked at me angrily, “You don’t need all that space! You’re going overboard!”
“I was here first, and I need space to take notes!” I spewed, annoyed.
“You bitch!” he said, shaking his head. “You don’t need all that space.”

How the hell is this guy going to regulate how much space I need?! I just ignored him and returned to my studies. I looked at a sign that said, “Seating area for cafe patrons only.” I almost said something to the guy since he didn’t buy any coffee but then I figured, what’s the point? We were at Barnes and Noble and they encourage breaking the rules.

14 responses to “Coffee, Books, and Bitchfests

  1. What you shoulda done next after he called you a bitch was throw that sucky ass hot coffee in his face.I mean if he’s going to call you a bitch you might as well give him a good reason to right?!Just me! -lolBB-

  2. Seems like things didn’t go quite as you would have liked but hey that’s life sometimes. You seemed to get the good out of the situation anyway. We met at a bar in the city called mc fadden’s. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for introducing me to this site. It has been very cool so far. Just trying to figure out all of the nuances.

  3. Alex -thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!BB- I know. My New Year’s resolution was to try and be nicer…I guess that was a bad idea!

  4. I love coffee, probably drink 3 or 4 cups a day [ and thats on the minimum side] but I would never pay $5 buck for a cup. I’d rather buy a spanish brand pack for $3 and drink as much as I want.And thanks for the comment – if you want to trade links I would be happy to, like your blog.

  5. I don’t drink coffee often–it makes me so high because I am not used to the caffeine–but I would love to try whatever $3 Spanish brand you get. Que bueno!

  6. I wonder if you should have walked out, while making some sarcastic comment about the cashier. It’s not the money. It’s the feeling of being taken for a ride. Ventilate. It’s good for the soul.

  7. Cakespy – good! laughter is what it’s all about. =) reading your post made my day!Bloggo- You’re right about being taken advantage of–that’s a common occurance in this corporate world we live in.

  8. awesome story…yeah…that happened to me with the whole starbucks and B&N thing. Ridiculous. This just reminded me of the time I went to this place called Egg Custard King and the worker looked at me like i was a fool and said, “Umm…we don’t have egg custard.” i’ll recount it on my blog sometime.

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